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Nov 22, 2021

Peta has created an action alert to make it quick and easy to ask for plant based tennis balls … it takes just a few seconds using the link below!


Learn about the wool industry, and ask Wilson to make wool-free tennis balls. The vast majority of tennis balls contain wool, a product which contributes heavily to climate change and causes severe harm to sheep. Learn about the cruelty of the wool industry, and take a few seconds to ask Wilson to make vegan athletic equipment. From

Consumers are looking for more plant based products. According to the Plant Based Products Council, 60% of American adults are interested in purchasing plant-based products, but only 20% have strong familiarity with them (most tend to associate plant-based products simply with food). The plant based market is expected to grow 450% by 2030, to over $162 BILLION according to MarketWatch.

As a result, a wide range of products are now being marketed as “plant-based”, from laundry detergent to cosmetics to toys to toothbrushes!

So it’s not a stretch for tennis ball companies to get in on the plant based trend.

Danny Rosenthal, founder of Sheeps.Tennis, had tennis balls lab-tested and found 3 versions that are unintentionally plant-based. The felt nap does not contain wool. However, they are low-end balls not suitable for competitive play. They have a very thin nap, possibly made with cheaper needle-punch rather than woven technology. They are Wilson’s Tour Comp and Grand Slam balls, available in the US, and Babolat’s First balls, sold in the UK. 

The technology exists to make high-quality plant based tennis balls, and the market exists. 

ACTION ALERT: Take a few seconds to tell Wilson to up their game and make vegan tennis balls 

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