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Dec 29, 2023

Alcohol: 16 Reasons to Rethink Your Drink by Thomas Campbell, MD at

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The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies was established to extend the impact of Dr. Campbell’s life changing research findings....

Dec 28, 2023

4 Key Takeaways for Food Systems From the COP28 Climate Summit by Lyse Mauvais at


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Sentient Media is a nonprofit news organization that is changing the conversation around animal agriculture across the globe. They seek to...

Dec 27, 2023

Plant-Based Diets and 3 Types of Arthritis: a Look at the Evidence by Andrew Beauchesne, MD at


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Forks Over Knives Documentary: 


Forks Over Knives was founded following...

Dec 26, 2023

How To Deal With Unwanted Gifts by Leeyong Soo at


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Good on You is the world’s leading source for fashion brand ratings. They’re a group of campaigners, fashion professionals, scientists, writers and developers who care for...

Dec 25, 2023

What Is CKM Syndrome? American Heart Association Identifies New Condition That Links Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Obesity by Lindsay Morris at


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Forks Over Knives...