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Jul 29, 2022

Who would want to be a farmer? The burden on mental health. By Jackie Norman at Part 2 of 2. 

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Surge Activism is an animal rights non-profit co-founded by Earthling Ed, to create an online space for animals through media content, industry investigations, campaigns + articles. 

VeganFTA is a small team of vegan activists supporting all forms of activism. They create videos highlighting the work of activists and animal rescuers. They write and publish articles on all aspects of veganism, and they share articles, videos, and images from other creators. 


Milked Documentary:

Book -  Once Upon a Time We Ate Animals: 


Organizations Helping Animal Farmers Transition to Plant Farming


Rowdy Girl Sanctuary (former cattle rancher): Rancher Advocacy Program: 

Miyoko’s Dairy Farm Transition Program: 

The Brave New Life Project (focuses on skills to help workers transition out of animal ag): 

Transfarmation Project: 

 .. the list goes on and on.


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