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Jul 13, 2021

Jackie Norman, former dairy farm worker, is interviewed by about her 18 years in the industry, and how farmers and vegans can move towards a brighter future together.  

Today is “Cow Appreciation Day”, a marketing day created by US Fast Food chain Chick Fil-A where they, and now dairy farmers as well, make light of cows in the animal agriculture industry, pretending they have wonderful lives and they’re an essential part of the food system. So I selected today’s post to help people understand and appreciate what a dairy cow’s life is like.

Switch 4 Good is an evidence-based nonprofit dedicated to rattling accepted norms around dairy and health. They’re working to abolish the current system of dietary racial oppression, and promoting solutions for climate change. They have a fantastic podcast hosted by Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch and Baywatch actress/health coach Alexandra Paul - they'll inspire and educate you to start living better and feeling better. You can find it all at

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