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Oct 31, 2021

Calen Otto from Unruly Travel shares the secret to mind-blowing vegan cheese at Rebel Cheese in Austin, TX.

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Excited to have a new contributor on the podcast! Calen Otto from Unruly Travel is a travel blogger, activist, writer, and podcaster who often settles near Asheville, North Carolina. They identify as queer and vegan, and they let these experiences come through and craft their work in many ways.

“Home” for Calen is where their parents, partner, closest humans, and animal companions are. Calen finds home in their yoga practice and in the authenticity of others. When they are not writing they can often be found jumping in the closest body of cold water, initiating an ecstatic dance party, or laying in the dirt, soaking in the rays of the sun.

Calen has traveled across the USA multiple times and has been to five continents. They plan on continuing to expand their travels and sharing their findings, stories, and travel knowledge with readers everywhere!

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