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May 28, 2021

Geoff Regier rescued a chicken, Penny, from an egg farm. Listen to her story, her transformation, and sadly, her eulogy. 

Geoff Regier is an animal advocate who used to work on a small family farm in BC, Canada, He later found his way to veganism, then animal rights activism and then an undercover investigator with Mercy for Animals. He documented and exposed the abuse farm animals suffer every day in modern farms and slaughterhouses across Canada.   

In 2019, Geoff was part of a team that rescued Penny and other hens from an egg farm in BC. She, and many others, had fallen through the slats in the floor, down into the manure pit. She was completely stuck in the manure, unable to move or even stand, she was so weak. She was simply left for dead, to drown in all the excrement, or die of thirst or starvation. Geoff brought Penny home, got her the veterinary care she needed and restored her to health – and her transformation was amazing! You can watch it on YouTube, it’s called Penny’s Story. It’s beautiful!

Chickens are such amazing little people! Yet, sadly, some of the most abused, and misunderstood as well. If you want to learn more about chickens, register for the Humane Hoax’s free chicken webinar tomorrow, or view the videos at United Poultry Concerns or The Humane Hoax. Concerns and the Humane Hoax

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