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Jul 29, 2021

Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns addresses whether chickens mind seeing other chickens traumatized in their presence. 

Karen Davis is the President and Founder of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl including a sanctuary for chickens in Virginia. She is the author of numerous books, essays, articles and campaigns advocating for these birds. Her latest book is For the Birds: From Exploitation to Liberation: Essays on Chickens, Turkeys, and Other Domesticated Fowl. 

Also please check out their excellent podcast called "Hope for the Animals", hosted by longtime animal advocate and author Hope Bohanec. She has great conversations with expert guests, and definitely check out the ‘Reason for Vegan’ series, and the ‘microsanctuary’ series. I highly recommend it, and you can find it all at 

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