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May 27, 2024

Are Jains Vegan? What Do Jain Scriptures Say About Dairy? By Christopher Miller, PhD at


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363: Freedom from the Chains of Eating Meat by Fr Donatello Iocco at SARX, posted at


Arihanta Institute’s mission is to build a world-class online institution for deeper learning of the Jain tradition, its principles, and how these principles apply to daily life for the benefit and well-being of individuals and society in light of today’s most pressing concerns.

Their courses taught by world-renowned scholars and other community leaders, and the curriculum is comprised of six areas of learning: Animal Advocacy and Biodiversity, Climate Change and Environment, Jain Philosophy, History and Anthropology, Social Justice, Yoga, Self-care and Spirituality, and Professional Ethics.

NEW Vegan Studies Initiative

A groundbreaking online program focused on promoting and enacting veganism as an expression of multispecies nonviolence. The initiative interweaves graduate-level academic training, live and self-paced online learning courses, and public conferences and guest speaker events. Their mission is to educate, empower, and connect everyone who is passionate about reimagining and co-creating a world in which our values and actions converge. The Vegan Studies Initiative will have a free monthly speaker series, online classes open to the public, and an accredited masters program for those who want to dive deep into vegan studies. 

First Course Offering: Jainism, Veganism, and Engaged Religion

Free Monthly Speaker Series: July 17, Toward a Plant-Based Food System

The Vegan Studies Initiative is dedicated to pursuing a future of compassion and consideration for all. 


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