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Aug 27, 2021

“How Changing My Diet Healed My Gut and Made Me a Better Doctor” and “5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home By Using What You’ve Got” at

Melissa Mondala, MD, shares how she used a plant based diet to heal her GERD, IBS and acne, and to become a better physician. And Mary Margaret Chappell explains how to reduce food waste in your kitchen and make better use of the food you have. Both at Forks Over Knives.

Forks Over Knives was founded following the release of the world-famous documentary Forks Over Knives in 2011, showing people how to regain control of their health and their lives with a plant-based diet. Since then Forks Over Knives released bestselling books, launched a mobile recipe app and maintains a website filled with the latest research, success stories, recipes, and tools to help people at every phase of their plant-based journeys. They also have a cooking course, a meal planner, a line of food products, and a magazine. Please visit for a wealth of resources. 

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