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Jan 18, 2022

When the Biden administration announced a $1 billion plan to help out farmers struggling to put food – specifically meat – on Americans' tables, it was met with praise by the farming community, but the question is, why not invest in the future of plant-based protein instead? By Lucy Danziger at

The Beet is a plant-based platform offering information on food, health, news, reviews, expert advice. They cover everything from vegan restaurants to the latest food products that make it even easier to eat plant-based, to which whole foods to eat daily to get the right amount of protein, iron and other essential nutrients.

Original post: 

PlantPure Nation documentary - cattle farmer clip (~30 minutes in) about adapting and progressive farming: 


Organizations Helping Animal Farmers Transition to Plant Farming:


Halsa Foods: 


Rowdy Girl Sanctuary (former cattle rancher): Rancher Advocacy Program: 

Miyoko’s Dairy Farm Transition Program: 

The Brave New Life Project (focuses on skills to help workers transition out of animal ag): 

Transformation Project: 

 .. the list goes on and on.

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