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Jan 19, 2022

Because, Animals, a hi-tech pet food company, is about to launch a lab-based mice treat for cats! The mice are alive and well, by the way. By Paul Benton at

UnchainedTV is a non-profit media organization focusing on animal rights, the plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle, climate change, food justice, health, and associated issues like human world hunger and workers’ rights. They profile vegan activists and celebrities and reports on animal rights news, issues, and events, bringing the world crucial information ignored by advertiser-based mainstream media. It was founded by Jane Velez-Mitchell, nationally known TV journalist and best-selling author. For six years she hosted her own show on CNN Headline News, where she ran a weekly segment on animal issues, and now, with JaneUnchained, she covers crimes against animals, and the environment.  They have a free vegan TV app and streaming service called UnchainedTV,the only streaming service featuring the New Day New Chef cooking show, and hundreds of other Vegan originals, documentaries, specials, and plant-based programming for FREE! Download the UnchainedTV app, or visit


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