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Mar 30, 2023

Do fish feel pain? Part 1 by Emily Moran Barwick at


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Bite Size Vegan was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to solid, factual information on issues impacting their health, our planet, society, and the lives of other sentient beings. The website, videos, resources and speeches serve to provide this access in formats tailored to modern methods of information consumption—digestible and approachable, yet backed by rigorous research.

Believing in the power of an informed public, Emily provides free, open-access to right-to-know information in a digestible format. Bite Size Vegan fills a unique space in vegan activism & advocacy by bringing together the accessibility of engaging social-media content with the integrity and depth of research-backed, transparently-cited educational information. By helping people make the connection that veganism—far from an extreme way of life—is simply aligning our actions with the values we already have, Bite Size Vegan strives to end the pervasive exploitation of non-human animals.

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